Business IP Phone Systems & Sales

Intelligent and reliable VoIP Phone systems offer great value and high call quality.

IP Phone Systems

Save Up To 40% Off Your Current Analog Provider!

Lower your costs with a VoIP system, with unlimited nationwide calling and zero roaming charges.


Placing a call over an IP network instead of a traditional telephone network has many advantages.

Conference Calls

Most IP Phones feature a conference option, which allows multiple users to be on a call at any one time. This is great for group chats and remote boardroom meetings.

Voice Technology

Reduce listener fatigue by converting calls into high definition conversations thanks to audio frequency functionality.

Display Screen

User-friendly interface to view Caller ID, organize video conferencing and send phone calls straight to voicemail at the touch of a button.


Your VoIP Phone will have a unique in-built address. This means that you can carry your VoIP Phone with you and use it anywhere with an internet connection.

Data Encryption

Add extra security to your calls through network encryption.

Unlimited Calls

By sending voice data via your internet connection, our VoIP provider offers unlimited nationwide calls.


Setup a personal voicemail system via your VoIP Phone. Keep your messages in one safe place and respond at your own pace.

Call Forwarding

If you’re in a meeting, set up Call Forwarding from your VoIP Phone. Just enter the phone number that all calls should be redirected to and your ‘Do Not Disturb’ message will be activated until you are next available.

TechCore IP Phone Systems


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses the internet to place a phone call. This means that both local and long distance calls are as cheap as sending an email, providing limitless opportunities for business owners.

Yealink SIP-T46G

A highly comprehensive system used globally. Designed for local and international business calls, this IP Phone features a large touch panel screen to switch between applications and calls. With an inbuilt Gigabit Ethernet, this phone can manage rapid call handling and the use of accessories, such as a Bluetooth USB Dongles and both wired and wireless headsets.

Polycom Soundstation IP 7000

An outstanding system designed to improve listener quality for both individual calls and group meetings. Ideal for executive offices, conference rooms and boardrooms, this IP Phone system delivers high-fidelity audio from 160Hz to 22kHz, which captures low and high voice frequencies for quality conversations.