Business IT Services, Sales, and Support

On-site and remote services and support are available from our IT experts.

TechCore Sales Service


If you’re having a problem with your server or require a data-transfer, we’ll come to your office to evaluate the issue and get you back in business. Don’t take the risk of losing valuable files or disrupting your company server – our team will come to you.

TechCore Repairs & Upgrades Service

Repairs & Upgrades

Having trouble with your computer or keep finding faults with your network? After the initial installation process, we provide on-going maintenance to ensure minimal interruptions to your business.

Save time and money by giving us a call and letting our experts do the hard work. We charge by the half-hour with no additional call-out fees.

TechCore Repairs & Upgrades Service


We don’t expect you to be IT specialists – that’s our job! As a leading provider of IT services in Middle Tennessee, our TechCore experts are on hand to facilitate your IT requirements.

Software Installation Services

Not sure what software you need? Choosing the right software for your business can be complicated. We take the hassle out of installing and configuring your desired programs, apps and utilities to make your job as easy as possible.

Hardware Installation Services

Is out-dated RAM slowing down your computer? We facilitate all hardware installation, from new monitors to upgraded hard drives. We’ll send a TechCore expert to assess your existing hardware and make recommendations for your new devices.

Computer & Server Diagnostics

Struggling with a less-than-dependable server? We determine the health of your server’s components (including memory, CPU and I/O) and diagnose the issue either remotely or on-site. Where necessary, we’ll replace or repair the device.

Device Setup & Configuration Services

Not comfortable installing your computer? We perform full setup, configuration and testing of your devices on-site. From wireless networks to printers and scanners, our team will optimize and connect your business technology.

Data Transfer Services

Need help to back-up your files or transfer data to a new computer? Our technicians ensure that your data is handled safely and securely to eliminate the risk of losing important documents.

Computer and Laptop Tune-up Services

Remember how fast your computer used to be? Our tune-up service is a preventative measure for your computer or laptop. We restore your device by ensuring all system files are optimized, your hard drive is defragmented and fans are dust-free.

Viruses, Spyware and Ransomware Removal Services

Is your computer taking a long time to shut down or boot up? We test for Spyware, Malware, Ransomware and viruses that may be making your computer sluggish. Regular check-ups can keep your computers running at optimum speed.

Technology Partners

  • Malwarebytes – Anti-malware software for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Protects against viruses and malware while increasing your online security.
  • Sophos – Software and hardware security systems with next-gen endpoint protection. Optimized security, custom management and time-saving solutions.

Cloud Services

Does your business need to operate from outside of the office? Invest in Cloud technology to give your team access to the data, documents, and email they require. All they’ll need is a decent internet connection.


Secure your trusted documents and data.


Access your files anytime, anywhere.

Email Hosting

View, compose and send emails remotely.

Exchange Hosting

Integrate contacts and calendars with customized hosting.

TechCore Cloud Services

On-site & Remote Services

Sometimes we all need a little one-on-one support. Our technicians will visit your business to install, configure, diagnose or repair your system, without costly call-out fees.

Network Cabling & Fiber

Installation, configuration and testing for optimum speed and stability.

In-office Consultation

Recommendations for a more efficient and cost-effective service.

Software Installation Services

On-site assessment, installation and maintenance of your software.

Hardware Installation Services

On-site assistance for all hardware, including setup of new devices.

Computer and Server Diagnostics

Update and upgrade all relevant technology.

Device Setup & Configuration Services

Optimize and connect your wireless networks and devices.