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Turner Security, powered by TechCore, can integrate these advanced camera systems into its security offerings, providing clients with tailored, efficient, and intelligent surveillance solutions. Each system offers unique features and capabilities, ensuring that Turner Security can meet the specific security needs of its diverse clientele.

Avigilon Alta End-to-End Cloud Security

Avigilon Alta offers a comprehensive, cloud-based security solution, future-proofing video security and access control with advanced capabilities and intelligent analytics. It improves visibility and efficiency across organizations with AI-powered analytics and fully integrated technology. With Alta, you can manage your entire security system, enhance situational awareness, and streamline operations at all levels. It’s scalable for any number of sites and locations, offers fast, touchless entry, and allows management from anywhere. Alta’s AI video analytics extend real-time visibility and proactive security management, lowering operational costs and increasing flexibility. Alta is built on open API standards, supports limitless integration, and ensures all devices stay up-to-date with the latest security patches and features.

Honeywell Video Solutions

Honeywell offers a range of intelligent video surveillance solutions, including the Honeywell 35 Series IP Security Camera, which features built-in AI analytics for smart motion detection. The 30 Series offers encrypted, affordable options with excellent picture quality. The 60 Series IP Cameras deliver exceptional clarity and flexible system integration. The 70 Series includes long-range illumination or thermal cameras for enterprise and CIP applications, along with advanced AI and smart analytics for increased situational awareness. These cameras are designed for small-to-medium businesses, offering enhanced protection and peace of mind​

Alibi Video Security

Alibi Vigilant Gear provides high-performance solutions for any security challenge. Their solutions, which include high-resolution video security and powerful video analytics, are designed to deliver the best user experience from installation to operations. Alibi solutions are NDAA compliant, suitable for federally-funded projects, and easy to use. The Alibi Central Management Software enables remote, centralized management of multiple devices across multiple locations, offering a wide range of powerful features for enhanced management and viewing experience.

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