DVR, NVR & VMS Security Servers

We are specialists in DVR, NVR, and VMS (video management system) servers. We offer solutions for both wireless and wired camera equipment.

Custom-built Video Recording Solutions for Enhanced Security

Digital and Network Video Recording Solutions: DVR, NVR & VMS

Securing your premises with reliable video recording solutions is crucial. We partner with industry-leading software specialists to deliver custom-built machines tailored to your unique security needs.

Partnering with Industry Leaders

Our collaboration with reputable software specialists ensures that we stay at the forefront of delivering top-notch DVR, NVR, and VMS Security Servers. By working closely with GeoVision, Honeywell MAXPRO, exacqVision, Milestone, Avigilon, Genetec, and others, we’re able to tailor the perfect machine to suit your needs.


Digital Video Recorders process and store videos directly linked to a security camera. The footage is converted to a digital file and sent straight to the DVR, ensuring safe and consistent recording.


Network Video Recorders use IP cameras on your network, allowing for superior video quality and resolution. Customize your IP surveillance cameras for features like 24-hour recording and email alerts to enhance security monitoring.


Our Video Management System Servers offer custom-built PC’s & servers optimized for video management. With solutions like Honeywell MAXPRO, exacqVision, Genetec, Milestone, Avigilon, & others, we aim to reduce customers’ downtime & maximize operational efficiency.

Enhancing Security with Enterprise Access Control

Access Control Servers

We provide Windows-based PCs and servers built for enterprise access control systems. These systems are engineered to work seamlessly with software solutions like Honeywell Prowatch, Aurora Keyscan, Genetec, Open Options, and many more, fortifying your security infrastructure.

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Discover our two-year advanced replacement service for commercial systems to ensure continuous security monitoring with minimal downtime. Contact us today to learn more about how our custom-built DVR, NVR, and VMS security servers can cater to your security needs.

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