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Experience real-time surveillance like never before with Blue Eye’s live video monitoring.

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Real-Time Surveillance

Experience real-time surveillance like never before with Blue Eye’s live video monitoring. Ensure the safety of your premises around the clock with high-definition video feeds, providing you with instant alerts and peace of mind.

In today’s world, traditional video security systems fall short; they merely document incidents rather than preventing them. Owners and security personnel are left to respond after the fact, often facing limited options once a security breach has already taken place.

This reactive approach is a thing of the past with Live Video Blue Eye monitoring. Our service transforms your security cameras from mere observational tools into proactive defense mechanisms. Instead of just recording, we actively engage with unfolding situations in real-time, utilizing 120 dB speakers and your existing CCTV network as part of our comprehensive business alarm monitoring strategy.

With Live Video Blue Eye, potential security threats are addressed immediately, often before they can escalate. We don’t just record crime; we actively deter it, changing the narrative from passive surveillance to active property protection. Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your assets are truly secure, not just monitored.

How It Works: Smarthub

Transform your passive camera network into a dynamic security fortress with our SmartHub integration. By leveraging your existing video surveillance, we enhance security through advanced AI housed within the SmartHub, offering vigilant property oversight, especially when you’re not around.

Upon detecting any breach in your property’s virtual defenses, an instant alert reaches our Command Center. This signal summons the expertise of our Video Surveillance Technicians (VSTs), who immediately tap into your live feed for a real-time assessment and swift, decisive action. Responses can range from issuing stern verbal warnings through powerful 120 dB speakers to prompt police dispatch.

What you receive is an intelligent surveillance solution that marries top-tier AI technology with human vigilance – a superior, more agile alternative to traditional onsite guards in high-risk areas. Opt for Blue Eye’s system and enjoy enhanced security at a fraction of the cost of additional personnel.

Rethinking Traditional Security Measures

The effectiveness of security guards can be inconsistent, influenced by factors such as geographical location, affiliations, and whether they are armed. Typically, the hourly rate for a guard ranges from $15 to $25, potentially increasing based on the job’s risk level and the guard’s experience.

Traditional guards’ scope of monitoring is limited — they patrol specific routes or remain stationed at single locations. Consequently, they can only be present in one area at a time, and their training periods might leave security gaps.

Embracing Advanced, Proactive Video Surveillance

In contrast, Blue Eye’s proactive video surveillance system is a game-changer. Not only is the installation cost significantly lower, but it also offers unparalleled, extensive coverage both within and beyond your virtual boundaries, surpassing the capabilities of onsite guards.

Our cutting-edge approach employs your existing camera infrastructure to maintain vigilant, simultaneous surveillance across your entire property. This system harmonizes AI technology with human intervention, guaranteeing consistent, round-the-clock protection.

We uphold uniform excellence in our services, with all Video Surveillance Technicians undergoing comprehensive training to ensure standardized, high-quality responses across our operations.

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