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Turner Security’s Premier IP Phone Systems & Solutions

In an era of digital transformation, ensure your business remains at the forefront of communication technology. Trust Turner Security for a VoIP Phone System that’s not just a tool, but a strategic asset.

Stay Ahead with Turner Security

Experience the future of business communication with Turner Security’s VoIP Phone Systems. Designed for modern enterprises, our systems combine innovation with reliability, ensuring unparalleled call clarity and value.

Why Our IP Phone Systems Stand Out

Advanced Call Features

From group chats to remote boardroom discussions, our conference call feature ensures seamless multi-user connectivity.

High-Definition Voice

Elevate your conversations with our audio frequency functionality, transforming regular calls into high-definition interactions, reducing listener fatigue.

Intuitive Display

Our user-centric interface displays Caller ID, facilitates video conferencing, and even allows you to direct calls to voicemail with a single touch.

True Portability

Each of our VoIP Phones boasts a unique built-in address, enabling you to stay connected from any location with internet access.

Enhanced Security

Prioritize call security with our robust data encryption, ensuring confidential conversations remain private.

Cost-Effective Communication

With voice data transmitted via the internet, enjoy the luxury of unlimited nationwide calls without the hefty price tag.

Personalized Voicemail

Organize, store, and replay your messages at your convenience with our integrated voicemail system.

Efficient Call Forwarding

Engage in uninterrupted meetings by activating our ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature, redirecting incoming calls to a designated number.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses the internet to place a phone call. This means that both local and long distance calls are as cheap as sending an email, providing limitless opportunities for business owners.


A highly comprehensive system used globally. Designed for local and international business calls, this IP Phone features a large touch panel screen to switch between applications and calls. With an inbuilt Gigabit Ethernet, this phone can manage rapid call handling and the use of accessories, such as a Bluetooth USB Dongles and both wired and wireless headsets.

Polycom Soundstation
IP 7000

An outstanding system designed to improve listener quality for both individual calls and group meetings. Ideal for executive offices, conference rooms and boardrooms, this IP Phone system delivers high-fidelity audio from 160Hz to 22kHz, which captures low and high voice frequencies for quality conversations.

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