Commercial Access Control

Elevate your security with Avigilon Alta’s state-of-the-art access control system.

Elevate Your Security with Avigilon Alta, Pro-Watch, & MaxPro Cloud

Leading Solutions in Access Control

In an era where security challenges are more complex than ever, businesses and residential spaces require sophisticated access control systems. These advanced systems are designed to provide seamless, keyless access, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter your premises, thereby reinforcing security.

Avigilon Alta

Reliability in access control is paramount, and Avigilon Alta delivers on this front. The system’s keyless entry eliminates the hassle of physical keys, reducing the risk of lost or stolen keys compromising your security. Additionally, the Bluetooth technology ensures quick and reliable entry, enhancing overall user experience.

Avigilon Alta is more than just an access control system; it’s a commitment to safety, convenience, and peace of mind. By integrating this advanced system into your security setup, you’re not only reinforcing your defenses but also ensuring a seamless, user-friendly experience for those who rely on it daily.

Honeywell Pro-Watch

Elevate your security management with Honeywell’s Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite. This cutting-edge system provides an all-encompassing solution for enterprise security needs, integrating advanced access and intrusion management with state-of-the-art video surveillance. Designed for efficiency and effectiveness, Pro-Watch centralizes real-time data, ensures compliance, and helps in reducing operating costs. Whether it’s enhancing school safety, securing transportation systems, streamlining government building security, or protecting critical data center infrastructure, Pro-Watch offers a scalable and reliable solution. Experience enhanced situational awareness and decision-making capabilities with our comprehensive, integrated security suite.

MAXPRO® Cloud by Honeywell

Transform your security management with MAXPRO Cloud, Honeywell’s innovative cloud-based system. Designed for real-time control, it offers comprehensive access and video surveillance management accessible from any mobile device. This system is ideal for small-to-medium-sized businesses, providing efficient safety and security solutions, and minimizing loss of inventory, especially in retail environments. MAXPRO Cloud’s intuitive operational dashboard and real-time notifications ensure effective protection of people, property, and assets in commercial offices and franchise locations. It’s a cost-effective solution for property management, enhancing occupancy and tenant retention with scalable, cloud-based security management and real-time insights​.

Investing in Future-Proof Security

Implementing access control systems are an investment in your property’s future security. These system’s advanced features, combined with their ability to adapt to evolving security technologies, mean that your premises will remain protected against emerging threats. Our technology also promises longevity, ensuring that you won’t need to seek upgrades or replacements anytime soon.

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